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GESD Induction

Page history last edited by Jess Ledbetter 3 years, 5 months ago

Welcome early career special ed teachers!


Go ahead. Take a second, pat yourself on the back, and say "Woot woot!" You deserve it.


You bring awesome resources to the district and we are so glad to have you! Be bold teachers! You are the future of the profession and your leadership is important.



This wiki is designed to provide some resources and information to enrich your teaching expertise. It will be evolving over time, so check back regularly! You can request to join the site to receive an email when changes are made. Joining the site will be your best method for regular updates (and you can un-join later if you change your mind). Additionally, we will sometimes share through Facebook or email when new resources are added. 


As this is a wiki, it is always open to change. If you need certain resources, let us know so that we can create them. Similarly, if you have resources to share, that would be great! This wiki will get better and better with your input and contributions.





Contact us!

We are here to help. 



Check out the GESD New Teacher Facebook group




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